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Why Not More of



●●●●August 31, 2006●●●●

Compare This to the July 15 Hawk Eye Article

      A. Copy of my paid submission in The Hawk Eye (July 20, 2000).
      B. If you believe the "AFFIDAVIT OF PROBABLE CAUSE" why wasn't I charged with sexual assault? The victim being "I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON" (Tim Scott)
      C. Ref: My ad…No I’m not trying to play woe as me, but rather just telling you the probability of me beating the 43 year old 6’3” #225 "I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON" and also being an ex-MP and a reserve police officer. As a general rule, I don’t generally inspire fear, with my imposing stature to anybody~~~the only fight that I ever lost, was the time I slipped and fell; and she caught me.
D. Related link "The National School Bully Poster"

●●●●August 23, 2006●●●●

$500.00 REWARD
For identity of witness and

●●●●August 10, 2006●●●●


to my good buddies at Edward Jones for being ranked “Highest in Investor Satisfaction…”

NOW down in the ever so fine print. “Your experiences may vary.” REALLY!

The complete ad can be read including the aforementioned small print in The Hawk Eye (8-2&5-06)

●●●●August 7, 2006●●●●


●●●●August 3, 2006●●●●
More continuum from 7-26-06

In an earlier Edward Jones ad (5-17-06 The Hawk Eye) my FRIENDS
Matt and Richard said:


Searching for the highest rates on CDs may be smart, but there’s an even better way to get the most out of CDs.

At Edward Jones, we can show you how to do just that. We’ll work with you to develop a plan for investing in CDs. You’ll enjoy the income you want, without tying all your money up for years at a time.

To learn about a CD strategy that makes sense, call or visit your local investment representative today.

**I don’t know what their strategy is;
is it more than choosing term length and/or maturity dates.
And is it worth up to .40% or more**


 NOTE: My standard disclaimer, I don’t want to be accused of taking something out of context. All partial representations of Edward Jones ads mentioned can be found in The Hawk Eye at dates listed.

●●●●July 31, 2006●●●●
Continued from 7-26-06

From their similar ad in The Hawk Eye 7-26-06



1- yr. 5.35% APY* Min. deposit $10,000
2- yr. 5.40% APY* Min. deposit $ 5,000


Looks like THEY weren’t satisfied with just .30 - .35 %... In my 7-26-06 post, I didn’t state the obvious that: “They” require up to 10 times as much deposit.

1 yr. CD: American United Bank, Lawrenceville, Ga. 5.75% APY min. $1,000 (7-28-06)
2 yr. CD: State Farm Bank, Bloomington, IL. 5.75% APY min. $500 (7-28-06)
"UPDATE": (8-3-06) Above rates still the same (8-2-06)
1 yr. CD: American PartnersBank, Bethesda, MD, 5.80% APY min. $1,000 (8-2-06)


●●●●July 26, 2006●●●●

Good News/Bad News

Good news, is that the talent of the website (hint it’s not Ron Thornton) now has more time available. I can and may post on other websites occasionally. But, truth be told, I don’t have the expertise to post on my own website; hence the reason for the inactivity.

The bad news is I’m back. Hey! I never claimed to be a comedy writer.

I see my friends at Edward Jones namely Matt Skogen and Richard L. Fruland (said with a truck load of sarcasm) wants some more of your money. For my true feelings click here.

Here’s a [partial] representation of the Edward Jones ad in The Hawk Eye (7-19-06 & 7-22-06)

Note: Changes (7-31-06) are italicized.



1- yr. 5.40% APY* Min. deposit $10,000
2- yr. 5.45% APY* Min. deposit $ 5,000
3- yr. 5.50% APY* Min. deposit $ 5,000


*** “SO I DID” ***
Looks like theirs is low by .30 - .35%


1 yr. CD: American United Bank, Lawrenceville, Ga. 5.75% APY min. $1,000
2 yr. CD: State Farm Bank, Bloomington, IL. 5.75% APY min. $500
3 yr. CD: Mutual Bank, Chicago, IL. 5.80% APY min. $5,000 or
Transportation Alliance Bank, Ogden, UT 5.71% APY min $1,000
These are from No middleman required



●●●●April 6, 2006●●●●


From the Desk of       Ron Thornton


How about this boys & girl(s) Skogen, Ms. Bonner, Fruland, and anybody else who
prepped Ms. Bonner, and myself of course do a polygraph (you know the lie detector thing)
Sincerely looking forward to your timely response.

/s/ Ronald L. Thornton


** This is a typed version of handwritten memo, hand delivered to Matt Skogen’s office and a copy to Compliance Dept. of Edward Jones, St. Louis Attn. of either Tim Kelly? or Richard L. Fruland. Still waiting for their timely response. ( 4/6/06) **











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