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●●●●December 14, 2005 ●●●●

I have to give Tim Scott credit: There’s no limit to his unmitigated gall to wit: Before making a decision on whether Edwards should retain the mayor's seat, Scott said this week he wants to speak first to Edwards.

"I want to talk to him about the current events before I can make a decision whether I'm going to continue in the same vein as I stated earlier," Scott said. "I haven't had an opportunity to talk to him since all of this came about and I have talked to some of my constituency, but before I can make a rock–hard decision, I need to talk to Mike Edwards." I don’t want to be accused of taking quote out of context, complete text can be found at The Hawk Eye online--December 8, 2005.

What will The ex-MAYOR talk about, how to drink in public then lie about it?

Or would it be about projecting a good public image?

Could it be about mores and conduct of how The MAYOR should act?

Seems to me kinda like Jeffrey Dahmer hosting “The Splendid Table.”


Turn back the clock to July 14, 2000, Friday Fest at The Port of Burlington.

First time "I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON" came out on the loading dock, he was carrying a translucent plastic container which was one-half to two-thirds full in height (volume would be less) of an amber colored liquid with a touch of foam on top.

  1. Could it have been beer?
  2. It’s possible it was a personal specimen of Mr. Scott’s.
  3. It’s also possible that it was a specimen of one of The Budweiser Clydesdales.
  4. I did see a beer trailer, but no Clydesdales; of course, they could have been wearing camouflage.

If I understood odds/probability more better; then I could better evaluate #1, #2, #3, so I’ll let you form your own opinion/conclusion.


  1. It’s true I didn’t see him actually drinking it.
  2. And I didn’t smell it.
  3. And I didn’t sip it…even with the slim possibility it could have been #3..but that would have been preferable to #2.

I’m not saying having a beer or two at Friday Fest is a big deal. “BUT” lying about it on the witness stand is “PERJURY, PERJURY, PERJURY”


 BTW Mr. Leek for the record my last drink was July 4, 1974 at approximately 2:30 p.m. at The Sportman’s Tap



…,"it'll be a cold day in hell when The Hawk Eye sits on a chance to humble a public official." I don’t want to be accused of taking quote out of context; complete editorial "Be careful casting stones" can be found at The Hawk Eye online--December 7, 2005. Point of clarification, I'm "not" ref. now mayor, as much as "then" mayor. et al.



Ref: Patrick C. Jackson Letter to Editor The Hawk Eye 12-13-05

Anybody that has the experience with your office as I have; would not confuse the Public Defenders with your office. The Public Defenders still have some scruples, even after discounting the (alleged) hosing down the floor at Jerry’s Main Lunch.

Keep preachin’ about “DEFENDING VICTIMS OF CRIME” and you may start to believe it, WELL I DON’T.

●●●●December 13, 2005 ●●●●


Ref: Pat Jackson

I believe my earlier assumption about “TURF” (3 Feb. 04 letter---Dec. 7, 05 Post) maybe wrong. Rather, did he have to go that far to find another County Attorney, Sorely Lacking In Integrity/ Honor /Principle? (I didn’t stammer) That would do his bidding for him.

In an earlier post Nov. 2, 2005 I commented about Jackson not being confused with Eliot Spitzer [so much for that idol] or Patrick Fitzgerald. But I believe I found someone he may be confused with: that being the Attorney General of Massachusetts.

I’m sure the citizens/taxpayers there are sleeping a whole lot better knowing their A.G. is hot on the trail of some renegade grocers that opened their stores on Thanksgiving Day.

And that there is no other major crime going on that needs pursuing. Then some politicians wonder why they’re held in such high esteem.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dec. 7, 05 post was old news to Mr. Jackson: via someone from Iowa A.G.’s office


Ref: The Hawk Eye Nov. 22, 05 a Burlington teen on written plea of guilty to a fifth degree criminal mischief [ 30 DAYS IN JAIL ]

For a “VERY” similar offense "I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON"(ex) received a $50 fine [Yep! FAIR AND EQUAL JUSTICE] in River City continues.

●●●●December 7, 2005 ●●●●

WARNING: May cause drowsiness...DO NOT: operate heavy equipment for at least 12 hours after reading.

Date: 3 Feb 2004
Letter to the Editor:
Re: Articles “State to Look into Sign” dated 12/10/03
“Ethics Board May Rule on Manager Next Month” dated 12/12/03

You can not know the pleasure it brought me to see Des Moines County’s Attorney Jackson using The Hawk Eye for de facto culpability with the various articles in The Hawk Eye as the benchmark/gold standard, (so to speak.)

I was going to say in my humble opinion, but changed my mind, that Pat Jackson, Des Moines County Attorney, is as phony as a three-dollar bill, notwithstanding the Boy Scout smile and Boy Scout Awards. I will give the reasons throughout this letter. Seems to me, he has a very selective memory to wit. He sure didn’t have such a great concern with the Jones/Scott/Thornton fiasco which generated much more controversy than Slagle/Scott. There was a total of twelve (12) articles on Slagle/Scott, including letters to the editor, an editorial, and news articles at the time Jackson sent same to the State of Iowa. Since then there have been three more articles.

I sent FIFTY-FOUR (54), including 4 leading headline stories, pros and cons letter to the editor, and a couple I’m not sure of, including Scott’s mom and his dad’s letters, to the Citizens Aid/Ombudsman State of Iowa (dated 01/05/01 to Kristin Hurchman (sp?) Since then there have been a dozen or so letters to Editor and articles that made reference to the fiasco, to some degree, plus several of my letters that were not published. The one letter to the editor that stands out to me was written by the Great Prophet, Jose Olvera dated 07/21/00: “In Burlington, we were recently witness to an event which appears to be a display of corruption of power in the mayor of this fair city. The smell of corruption also appears to emanate from the treatment he received at the hands of the city police as compared to the other person involved in the unfortunate incident. One wonder what, if any like odor will come from the processing of the criminal charges against them.”

If I were a betting person, I’d bet Jack Johnson’s letter dated 11/29/03 and “out of Bounds” editorial of 12/16/03 was included in articles Jackson sent to the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board and Iowa Attorney General. But somehow, Tom Lewis’ letter 11/17/03 and my letter 11/22/03 was accidentally overlooked. If I am wrong on this point or any other thing, I will publicly apologize to Mr. Jackson.

I can’t figure out if this is bad blood between Jackson and Slagle, turf battle, payback, a perceived chance to make a little political hay or political cover to cover his rear or, is it the wage disparity of $10, 552.62. I’m pretty sure it is not about integrity, justice in general, doing what’s right or principle. Whatever it was, it was phony. I just can’t quite put my finger on it. I will guarantee, it was not based on the number of letters to the editor.

I realize this is a big joke to some, but believe me; I’m pursuing this. . .until I see some justice, which to the date I have not.

Talk about contrast, I was reading articles in the Peoria Journal and the Galesburg Register Mail the same day I received The Hawk Eye (12/10/03 Re: State To Look Into Sign) about former Senator Paul Simon’s death. How the theme kept reappearing of integrity, honesty, good for his word, unpretentious, decent; there was more but I believe you get the point. An analogy/simile might be: He was a real 21-course feast compared to my dealings with officialdom in Burlington and St. Louis. It would be like me having to eat out of a garbage can after the rodents have had first choice. I hope that little ditty didn’t turn out as a “could- or couldn’t-care-less thing. Regardless, I believe you get the point, and know who the rodents are. (Makes me think I should have stayed awake in English class.)

* The following colored text is a repeat of (segment) posted Nov. 22. *

Excerpted from 23 pages (5 ½ X 8 ½) Letter to the Editor dated 05/09/02 (that was not published): I would have thought that my big question to Mr. Scott–besides asking if he belly-butted me, on the witness stand, and under oath and he denied it. Which was Mr. Scott since there seems to be a difference of opinion of what happened. How about you and I take polygraph/lie detector test at my expense, pertaining to just this matter? [Should have been more newsworthy than comments on my wardrobe and accent.] Big surprise! Guess What? Prosecutor objected, and it was sustained and thereby saved the lying X X X from having to answer. Mr. Scott, the offer still stands.

Special Prosecutor objected, and it was sustained; to my request to the judge to read perjury statute, and the penalty for it ----- to Timothy Edward Scott and Jolane M. Creelman. I am not sure about Wendy D. Hogan. My reasoning being it would help their poor memory, and outright lying. Mr. Skilling knows the perjury statute well, as he had recently prosecuted a defendant for saying, some guy he didn’t know, had brought him to court when in fact it was some gal he knew. Boys and girls: In Iowa, perjury is a class “D” Felony ---- shall be confined for no more than five years, and in addition shall be sentenced to a fine of at least seven hundred fifty dollars but no more than seven thousand five hundred dollars.

Mr. Skilling objected, and it was sustained ----to keep me from entering plea proposal offer from him as an exhibit. (I could have saved thousands of dollars by accepting the plea----likewise for the taxpayers.)

“Same thing” when I tried to enter as an exhibit: itemized statement from my former attorney showing “some” of the times and places I tried to file charges against the Mayor of Burlington: Tim Scott and a couple of objections and sustained for badgering the witness. I was and “still” am trying to find out the identity of the other two females.

Mr. Skilling also ignored my written request for discovery; as did the Burlington Police Department, and the Des Moines County Attorney; with requests/subpoenas for the identity of the female witnesses/discovery ------- These two are not mentioned in any of the Burlington Police Reports or Des Moines County Sheriff’s Office statements, that I have — makes me think their version; is not beneficial to the mayor and “his” police department. (You ask why I say “His.”) You do remember “The Mayor” picking the new Police Chief, contrary to State Mandate, don’t you? And the pork chop/ no gravy sandwich incident. And he left this message on the customer’s answering machine: “I tell you what, I’d be more than happy to meet up with ya, and if necessary I’ll bring the 54 guys that I work with downtown. I also happen to be a reserve police officer, as well as the mayor of this community.” (The Hawk Eye Aug. 3, 2000) the 54 guys is a reference to total number of paid police, and the department’s reserve unit.

Folks this is just a synopsis of the facts ---- I could write an essay on the Burlington Police Department ---- and another on the Des Moines County Attorney’s Office, but only after the Edward Jones letter is finished.

I think I have a pretty good “paper trail.” [A paper trail/truth: can hang you or support you; and therein lies the beauty of it.] In spite of officialdom ignoring my requests / subpoenas.

Possible titles/headlines and etc. I originally wanted “Justice at its Finest” (mine) but after calling the Iowa Attorney’s General Office (4/11/02) about filing charges against Tim Scott, and getting nowhere fast with Dianne, I asked to talk to her supervisor, Pam, tell her why I am calling, and the places I have tried to file charges: city, county, state and federal —same speed—but she did contribute this little jewel: “That’s the way the system works.” Ain’t that the truth. How fast you ask? When I called the Civil Right’s Division of that office (04/25/02), I was on hold longer than total time talking with Dianne and Pam. You still don’t know how fast? “If” NASCAR hears about it, they will be calling me [or should it be them.]

To the critics who think this is sour grapes on my part-----believe me, it’s much more than a few sour’s the whole damn vineyard.

All RE’s and REF’s “unless noted otherwise” are excerpted from The Hawk Eye.

●Re: Crime stoppers, Greater Burlington Area Supplement (01/25/04) The irony was not lost on me that the Burlington Area Convention & Tourism Bureau and by extension, its esteemed director, Ms. Wendy D. Hogan, was one of the sponsors.

●Till the (Re: 01/16/04) article I hadn’t mentioned Ms. Copeland but her name keeps popping up in these articles and I had to revise count in number of reference articles in this letter to the editor as I’ve been working on this for some time. So ------ if memory serves me, Ms. Copeland recently had her own credibility/buck-passing “ISSUE” over a Burlington School District election. There were two or three news articles and two or three letters to the editor about it. Please don’t make me dig out the reference material for titles and dates. (But I can.) Question: Did Mr. Jackson and Ms. Copeland send that pertinent reference material to the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board and Iowa Attorney General for a legal opinion? I was going to bet/guess the answer to that ---------but instead will yield to whatever the facts are.

●RE: 8/3/00 Special Prosecutor OK’d in port sign scuffle case

“Associate District Court Judge Michael Dieterich Tuesday granted Jackson’s motion to appoint a special prosecutor, which means Kossuth County Attorney David C. Skilling will make the 300-plus mile trip from Algona to handle both cases.

    Thornton was arrested on charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct. . . .
    Scott was cited, rather than arrested, for tampering with a motor vehicle. . . .
    Thornton contends Scott should face additional charges. . . .
    Jackson said Wednesday the charges against Scott were based on preliminary     information. When he received more detailed police reports on the incident,     Jackson said he’d already decided to seek a special prosecutor. . . . . . . . . . .

Jackson pointed out his office prosecutes municipal code violations and said he often works with Scott. The county attorney’s office also leases its office from the city of Burlington.

Whether it was a conflict or an appearance of a conflict, it doesn’t matter to me, he said. I felt this was a case where we should recuse ourselves. . . .

Jackson declines to say whether he would have filed more charges against Scott had the prosecuted the case. . . .

He said his office forwarded the case file to Skilling, who will decide whether to file additional charges against Scott.

“We have absolutely no input into the case,” [anybody with an IQ above 73 who believes that, I have this bridge for sale] “(Skilling) can add charges, dismiss charges, whatever he wants.”

Jackson said he asked Skilling to prosecute Scott and Thornton because the Des Moines County Attorney’s office recently handled a misdemeanor conflict case for Kossuth County. . . . The Iowa Attorney General’s office, which sometimes handles conflict cases, wouldn’t have taken the case because it typically doesn’t handle simple misdemeanor charges such as the ones Thornton and Scott face . . . . “

I will list the reasons why I thought Jackson was a phony, (before I changed my mind). My first impression of 8/3/00 article was what a crock, but it’s only a gut feeling (but that’s not a legit reason). A more concrete reason would be a letter from Kossuth County Attorney to Pat Jackson, Des Moines County Attorney, the abbreviated text of which follows ------

“August 28 th, 2000.
Re: State vs. Ronald Thornton.

Dear Pat: I am writing to ask if someone from your office would be available to appear on my behalf for pre-trial on this case, to set a trial date. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. . . .

David C. Skilling, Special Prosecutor.”

This would be to the office who “has absolutely no input into the case.”

Then some 8 months later when I tried to subpoena the Deputy Sheriff/Investigator that took Jolane Creelman’s (8/16/00) and Wendy Hogan’s (8/22/00) statements on printed forms that say Des Moines Sheriff’s Office. Foolish me that I took the subpoena to the Sheriff’s office, only to be told that he works for and out of the Des Moines County Attorney’s office. Care to guess where the Creelman/Hogan statements were taken? ----Try the office (building) of the Des Moines County Attorney.

This would be the office who “has absolutely no input into the case.”

Re: “State to lend a hand at Bernhart trial” (10/31/03) “Citing ‘brand new office’ county attorney asks for help prosecuting murder case.” With assistants getting used to new duties, Jackson thought it wise to call in some experienced help with the Bernhart case. Half of my office is brand new, Jackson said. . . . Brown was an assistant in Jackson’s office from 1993 to 1997 when he was hired by the attorney general’s office Area Prosecutions Division. That office’s assistance is available to any of the 99 county attorney’s offices, free of charge. . . . Brown said it’s fun to work in Burlington again because he knows a lot of people in Des Moines County. . . .I do enjoy coming back, he said. He is one of the six assistant attorneys general with the Area Prosecutions Division for general assignment to criminal cases, typically major felonies such as murder, sexual assault, child abuse and public corruption.”

Now the Iowa Attorney General’s office can take the case because of perjury, a class D Felony, and/or obstruction of justice by the ex-mayor, Tim Scott, Burlington Police Department, Des Moines County Attorney’s office, and David C. Skilling, Special Prosecutor.

●Re:(10/31/03) The inexperienced help previously mentioned, Pat Jackson, has been in that office since at least 1988 or 1989 either as Assistant or the County Attorney. (I would think he would have the experience by now.)

Wouldn’t Des Moines county taxpayers be better off just hiring an office manager at [one-half] the cost of Jackson’s $72,000 salary and continue using the Iowa State Attorney General’s office for cases needing “experience”? Or on cases you would need to pass the buck on. . . .

●Re: “Suspect Confesses” (06/19/03)

“Jackson who personally tries very few criminal cases said he “probably” will try this case. Bernhart will be appointed a public defender.”

Re: “State to look into sign” (12/10/03)

“County attorney asks ethics panel to review city manager action; also seeks flextime opinion.”
“As you could well guess this matter has drawn criticism as well as questions as to possible violation(s) of the law. . . .”
“We think it’s probably proper for somebody on the outside to take a look at it,” he said.
“I don’t know,” Jackson said. “My position is this---it is an issue in the community. . ”
What was the Jones/Scott/Thornton fiasco? Mashed potatoes?

Re: “City ends donation time off”(11/27/03)

“Jackson however, said he’s “looking into the matter,” and may ask the state Attorney General’s office for an opinion.”

Mr. Jackson–-where was your great concern when the Jones/Scott/Thornton fiasco created considerable more controversy in the community?. . . . .Criticism—Questions----Issue in the Community----Why didn’t you think it was probably proper for somebody on the outside to take a look at it?

●Re: (1/21/04) “State renders Slagle judgment” In a letter to the Des Moines County Attorney dated 1/6/04. . . . Why the delay in the release? I can guess/surmise/reckon til the cows come home, but that doesn’t change the facts one iota.

I would like to know where the Des Moines County Attorney’s office ranks in the number of times contacting and using the Iowa Attorney General’s office. ------- And to make it fair, . . . . use the closest five smaller per capita counties to Des Moines County, and the closest five larger counties.. . . . .I’m sure the Iowa Attorney General’s office is not going to tell me.-----Even if it has such data. In the last two or three months Mr. Jackson has contacted/used the Iowa Attorney General’s office five times that I know of: Bernhart Case; Slagle/Scott, (2); Missed deadline; Another murder case (that the moment I can’t find).

Re: article1/30/04, “Loss of money may ‘bankrupt’ task force”: “The case is a bit unusual in that the issue is less that the money was not forfeitable under Iowa law but rather that the state did not meet certain deadlines for filing documents and holding hearings.” It’s a bit ambiguous to me what “the state” means in this context. Does it mean literally the state of Iowa or does it mean Des Moines County on behalf of State of Iowa ( Burlington, Iowa) and therein lies the conundrum. If it’s Des Moines, Iowa you can pass the buck “legitimately” —the other one gives me another reason. One of them you can blame state of Iowa, ----gives me another reason.

As I’m more familiar with the Des Moines County Court system than I would like to be, following are two letters. One is a letter from the office of Des Moines County Attorney, 8/1/00. “Re: State Of Iowa Vs. Ronald Larry Thornton, Cause No. SMSM016132 and SMSMO16133:

Dear Mr. --------:
I have, this date, appointed a special prosecutor to prosecute the Thornton and Scott cases. Enclosed are the orders of appointment.
County Attorney David Skilling will be in our office on August 15, 2000. If you would like an appointment to visit with him in the morning, please contact Julie at 753-8209 to schedule the appointment.”
The other letter is the aforementioned plea bargain.From the Kossuth County Attorney October 18, 2000: Re: State v. Ronald Thornton, Des Moines County Criminal No. SMSMO16132. (What ever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?)

Dear Mr. --------:
As you know, we are scheduled to go to trial in the above-captioned matter on Wednesday October 25, 2000. In an effort to resolve this matter without trial, I offer your client the following plea Proposal:
Upon his entering a guilty plea to disorderly conduct, the charge of assault would be dismissed at the State’s cost. No further penalty would be sought other than the time your client has served in the Des Moines County Jail, court costs, and restitution if applicable.
This offer will remain “on the table” until 12:00 noon on Friday, October 20, 2000. I look forward to your response. [Signed] David C. Skilling .

 Question for Des Moines County and Kossuth County and State of Iowa taxpayers: Who paid for the three trips and at least five days for Dave Skilling’s wages and expenses on the Jones/Scott/Thornton fiasco? And for Des Moines County Assistant Attorney to go to Kossuth County? (From article 8/3/00) “ Kossuth County Attorney David C. Skilling will make a 300-plus mile trip from Algona to handle both cases.” Des Moines County Attorney had another case in Kossuth County during this time period that I can not find in my stuff. What would be wrong with going to the next county to save the tax payers considerable expense? The only answer I can think of is “turf.”

I could write more about the Des Moines County attorney and The Hawk Eye, but procrastination, laziness and a looming deadline has won out. I will apologize for the structural flow or more accurately, the lack thereof. I have someplace copies of about 12 editorials that reference justice, integrity, honesty, etc., etc., etc. and a Bill Mertens column that references guidelines for letters to the editor.

In closing, one thing I am pretty sure of from past experience/history is that you are not reading this letter to the editor in The Hawk Eye. But that’s all right. The Hawk Eye can continue writing (with their double standard and a straight face) editorials about justice, fair treatment; lying/conniving businesses, politicians and crooks in general everywhere but in the city of Burlington, although The Hawk Eye has long felt free to hammer Des Moines County Supervisors and now, the City Manager.

/S/ Ron Thornton, 406 S. 14 th St., Keithsburg, IL 61442-9652-01 (309-374-2928)

Cc: Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board
Iowa Attorney General
Jose Olvera
Tom Lewis

If you made it this far…congratulations you deserved a break/rest, will post some more comments Ref: this letter with the next post

●●●●December 6, 2005 ●●●●

EVERY Teachers worst nightmare?

I cdnoult blveiee taht I cluod
aulacity uesdnatnrd waht I
was rdanieg. The phaonmneal
pweor of the hmuan mnid.
Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch
at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy,
it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr
the ltteers in a wrod are, the
olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht
the frist and lsat ltteer be
in the rghit pclae. The rset can
be a taotl mses and you can
sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn
mnid deos not raed ervey lteter
by istlef, but the wrod as a
wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh
and I awlyas thought slpeling
was ipmorant.

I to think i had more trouble trying to type this oddity out then i did reading it!
Stolen from mexicanhottie (Not being racist or sexist that’s her username)


Spell Check Poem

Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the error rite
Its rare lea ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it
I am shore your pleased two no
Its letter perfect awl the weigh
My chequer tolled me sew.

Also stolen from cher47_



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