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Especially with Matt “I tried to do you a favor and I get bit in the ass” “I’ve been doing this for eight years and have never had anything like this happen before” “I want you to leave the office while I call…” Skogen.
Or RL.Fruland of the so called
Compliance Dept. St. Louis, Mo. [and I lost $1,950]. Also
Ref: pertinent info in 2 nd Hi-Lited portion of letter to ed.
5-9-02 Nov. 22, 05 post; if so inclined.


No middleman required
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●●●●January 28, 2006●●●●

More Pick & Choose
“Hell One excuse is good as another”

Letters to Editor (2-14-02)

I found the little blurb about Edward Jones, buying naming rights to a St. Louis Stadium quite informative. (“The Hawk Eye” Business Briefcase 2-10-02)

12 years for $31.8M with option to renew for 11 years for $35.2M for a total of $67 Million.

I wonder if my “contribution” of $1,950.00 will be duly noted on a plaque.

/S/ Ron Thornton
Keithsburg, IL


(The little blurb)

Edward Jones has announced it plans to buy the naming rights to the sports and convention facility at America’s Center in St. Louis, home to the St. Louis Rams and other major national conventions. Under the terms of the contract, Edward Jones will pay $2.65 million per year over 12 years. Edward Jones also has the option to renew for an additional 11 years as a fee of $3.2 million each year.


The Hawk Eye’s reason for not running it was that: “People or Readers” wouldn’t know what I was talking about. Since when has that become a prerequisite?

I’m thinking specifically of a couple of “masterpieces” written by one of their Editors.

Also some letters to editor, BUT hey! they, as I don’t get paid to be writers, with the expectation of “it” being clear and concise IMO; tho I certainly would like that ability. (The clear & concise part not the getting paid.)


Aside: Due to miscommunication… Jan. 28, 06 post should have been posted Jan. 25, 06.


●●●●January 18, 2006●●●●
Pick & Choose

Letter to Editor: (May 17, 02 Not published)

To those who may have witnessed the lovely tirade Thursday night (5-16-02) in the S.W. Lobby/Foyer at SCC. A mutual acquaintance introduced us, or more accurately “a little fun set up”—who said: “Mr. Thornton meet Mr. Roberts, Mr. Roberts meet Mr. Thornton, he’s the one who tried to kill your buddy the mayor” (my wheels starting to turn) Mr. Roberts said: "You should of finished it or why didn’t you finish it"( I’m about 90% sure it was the former, 100% one or the other) The light finally comes on “Gary S. Roberts” nobody ever accused me of being fast. **[ I believe if Mr. Roberts said that about me, I would be looking for a new insurance agent.]**

The ONLY thing I said: “that certainly is a different tune than what you wrote in the paper;” and that lit his fuse, and he’s off on a tirade. I was going to say: a shouting match, but that implies “two, doing the shouting.”

Some guy asked him what’s going on? Pointing at me, he said: “He started it by his filthy language, filthy connotations” and I believe even got in a vile this time.

This is in reference to my sign “IF YOU TRADE WITH EDWARD JONES, BRING WITNESSES OR VASELINE I DIDN’T” at the Port of Burlington (7-14-00) --Not at SCC—and with a finger pointed in my face—said: “I don’t even like you" ( is that grade school or what?) and offer “to go someplace to continue this debate.” I understood it to mean outside, (to kick @$$) and not to his home for a coffee; (how disappointing that was, as I always like to socialized with so called pillars of the community/hypocrites ) from the demeanor, tone and volume. He left the building for a few mins., and came in, and mumbled a half@$$ apology (for his behavior) to the just newly graduate and her parents. But not me or her grandmother or the other dozen or dozen and a half that witnessed all or part of the tirade.

/s/ Ron Thornton
406 S. 14 th
Keithsburg, IL 61442-9652


I was told they would not run ‘it’; because there was a dozen incidents like that everyday (in the area) and his apology ended the matter. As my late brother would say: “Hell one excuse is good as another.” I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with a so called pillar of the community, as mentioned elsewhere on my homepage.


Note: original letter was not as venomous/vitriolic, nor detailed, as this one. That was written and hand delivered 12-14 hours after the “tirade.” Also told them the names of witnesses to contact for verification.


I “heard” that Gary Roberts was once a cop in Cedar Rapids, but I make no claim on the validity of that. Tim Scott was a reserve police officer, and said on the witness stand that he was an Air Force MP, their actions certainly fit the pattern of cop mentality IMO.


Segue to Cop mentality to anyone who’s not familiar with the term there’s been a couple of articles written on it. I stopped reading after about a half-a-dozen out of the 32,100 that came up on a Google search, and in past years probably read another half-dozen.


And this quote from The Hawk Eye (5-21-00) [Less than two months before the infamous bout on the river]

SCOTT : The man and the mayor. “I used to think everybody was argumentative, I was just about as bad…I was worse,” Scott said, “ I was ready for an argument.”

Scott said he understands now that everyone has their own opinion and sometimes their points make sense. *Coulda fooled me*


From The Hawk Eye (8-5-03) This quote from BIG competitors bid fond farewell to Burlington

During a BIG picnic held at Big Muddy’s Sunday, Scott said he bumped into his insurance agent, Gary Roberts, who hosted some of the out-of-area youths during their stay in Burlington.

“ Gary told me that he never understood my enthusiasm for these games, but that he completely understands now. A lot of people who didn’t understand my enthusiasm now understand it because they had the opportunity to be involved with the games.”


Red Cross appoints new board members
The Hawk Eye (7/15/05)
The Des Moines County Chapter of the Red Cross has appointed board members for 2005-06.

xxx xxx has been installed as chairman. Other elected officers include: Pat Jackson, first vice-chairman; xxx xxx, second vice-chairman; xxx xxx, secretary; and xxx xxx, treasurer. New board members elected were xxx xxx, Gary Roberts, xxx xxx and xxx xxx. Board members elected to additional terms were xxx xxx, Pat Jackson, xxx xxx and xxx xxx.

The chapter holds noon board meetings on the second Wednesday of each month on the second floor at the F&M Bank building. The meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in learning more about the local chapter of the Red Cross or would like to volunteer, call the main office at (319) 754-5496.


Side note: I don’t want to be accused of taking quotes out of context, complete text can be found in The Hawk Eye at the dates mentioned.

 Excerpts (8-5-03)(7-15-03) and complete text (1-8-05). How could I forget to mention "His" 8-6-00 letter to editor, "Vulgarity concern." (Posted Jan. 3, 06) I offer in support IMO Re: my claim of so called pillar(s) of the community/hypocrisy.


Letter to editor: (1-8-05)

Nice pictures

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for publishing the Christmas-related pictures which appeared in the paper on Christmas Day. I enjoyed them and appreciate your courage especially in this time when so many people think Christmas is politically incorrect.



Dale Alison can attest to (I don’t know if he will) my knack to get under someone’s skin, just by speaking up.

In what I will call a subdued outburst over my letter to the editor that was published March 2, 2004, to his credit.

He may or may not be pleased, that I hold no animosity toward him. Of course I didn’t agree with his premise, but…

  • I believe it was honest.
  • I believe it was heartfelt and somewhat of a trying time for him; shortly after Mr. Mertens death


Ref: my suggestion (on my homepage) to The Hawk Eye about replacing the First Amendment with: Cowardice asks the question—is it safe?...Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Went over pretty much as I expected.

So let’s try this one: The Hawk Eye will publish/investigate/question, what it wants. By who it wants. When it wants. Where it wants...If you don’t like it, start you own newspaper.

That way it will put practices and policy on the same page, so to speak IMO. (Revised 1-20-06)


●●●●January 3, 2006●●●●

Re: Scott/Edwards

Continuum of my Dec. 14 post Re. Scott/Edwards Ref: “TALK”  

Could it be about Integrity/Honesty/Ethics or maybe about proper language to use in public in the presence of females and children. Or maybe the talk will include how to “BELLY BUTT” someone: “But” be sure to have witnesses who will lie for you, and not be caught on camera like “THE BIRD INCIDENT”


$250.00 REWARD
For identity of witness and

See 1st Hi-Lited portion of letter to ed. 5-9-02, Nov. 22, 05 post  


Personally I would prefer THE BIRD over being ASSULTED by the then BELLY BUTTING "I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON." I purposely used the term “BIRD” over the more common name.

As I recently had a certain prostate procedure performed and the doctor proclaimed that it “feels good, ” To WHOM! I ask? His reply “well…” At least he had the decency/consideration to use a dab of VASELINE or somethin’ for the reamin’, I received, and it didn’t cost me $1,950, Matt.


I’m not overly concerned with Edwards incident as much as using it for comparison to expose Tim Scott and The Hawk Eye, and I don’t have a horse in that race…but do I see Scott jockeying for the “MAYOR’S” job again and that is very much my issue.


When I confronted/asked unknown (at the time) male what are you doing taking the signs OFF MY TRUCK. See: Following HI-LITED text


“I’M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON” (with chest stuck out.) (Also HI-LITED text)


Illinois man jailed after scrape with Scott

Mayor ticketed after removing ‘offensive’ sign from truck window.

By Mike Wilson

The Hawk Eye (9-15-00 online/print)

Friday Fest was anything but festive for Burlington Mayor Tim Scott, who was cited at the event for tampering with a motor vehicle after he scuffled with an Illinois man over what the mayor believed was a derogatory sign the man had taped to the back of his pickup window.

The owner of the truck, Ronald Thorton, 50, Keithsburg, Ill., was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct. He later posted $650 bond and was released.

The incident took place about 5:20 p.m. at the Port of Burlington when Scott was approached by two Burlington Convention and Tourism Bureau employees complaining about a pickup with a sign about Edward D. Jones in the rear window.

Scott said he went out to see the sign and went back in the port to bring an Edward D. Jones employee out to see the truck.

Scott said the sign read if someone went to Edward D. Jones they should take Vaseline or a witness because Thorton hadn’t, apparently indicating Thorton believed he was mistreated by the company.

The investment company was the sponsor of Friday’s business-after-hours get together.
Scott said he deemed the sign to be offensive and noticing no one around, removed the sign from the outside of the truck window.
Thorton confronted the mayor about why he took the sign off.

“He asked me why I took the sign off, and I told him I thought it was offensive and that it was parked along the riverfront,” Scott said. “He then asked me who was I to do that, and I told him I was the mayor of Burlington.”

Scott said Thorton reached for the signs, but he put them behind his back.

Police said a pushing match ensued which ended with Thorton putting the mayor in a headlock and Scott, a reserve police officer on leave while he serves on the city council, taking Thorton to the ground.

Neither man was injured in the scuffle.

Police later returned to the port and presented Scott with a citation.

“State code says you can’t pull parts off of or from a vehicle,” said Sgt. Mike Swore of the Burlington Police Department.

Scott declined to discuss the charge until he has a chance to talk with his lawyer.

He said his first thought was to call police to see what they would do about the sign, but after seeing no one around he decided to remove the sign himself.

“I don’t know where he was, I didn’t see him,” Scott said of Thorton.

Scott also said he did not notice Thorton’s truck was parked in a no parking zone, as were several other vehicles.

He also said he had thought about Thorton’s constitutional right to free speech.

“Yeah, I thought about that,” Scott said, declining further comment.

Scott appeared to be embarrassed by the situation and said it was an unfortunate incident.

The charges against both Scott and Thorton are misdemeanors, carrying possible penalties of 30 days in jail or a $500 fine.

Scott is scheduled to appear in court July 19.

If convicted of the charge, Scott’s ability to hold public office would not be affected.

Thorton could not be reached for comment. [Because I was in jail, and normally they don't page inmates.]


**Aside: I found the problem after spending hours looking for this in archives, I was using correct spelling of my name with no results. Also, my DOB 3-18-40


Standing a foot or two apart, I said: Give me back my signs at least three times.

I ask Scott where he was when I was getting screwed, and gestured towards Edward Jones/ Matt Skogen’s office. "I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON" replied “ I DON’T F**KIN’ GET INVOLVED WITH INDIVIDUAL TRADERS!” said with his lower lip stuck out, and about 14 octaves lower than the whiney: “He called me a son of a bitch.” Mentioned elsewhere in 11-16-05 post, “School Bully.” Yes, in the presence of females and a young child at the highly proclaimed; beer drinkin’ and laced with vulgarness Family Friday Fest. (Sorry I couldn’t resist a little hype there)

Scott said “get out of my face.” [I will let you, decide if it was figuratively or literally, and I’ll let you do the math: I’m 5’6”, 155lbs. vs. "I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON" 6’3”, 225 lbs.] right before BELLY BUTTING ME.


Open question to readers: Was my sign or Scott’s language the most filthy/vulgar?


BTW Mr. Roberts I believe your vulgarity concern should be directed at Tim Scott FKA “I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON” IMO.

See related HI-LITED letter to the editor (8-6-00) by Gary S. Roberts also related my HI-LITED letter to editor (5-9-02) posted 11-22-05


"Vulgarity concern"

I'm writing in regard to the unfortunate incident which occurred at the Port of Burlington building involving Tim Scott and the gentleman who apparently was dissatisfied with service received from a local investment company.

While I certainly do not argue with one's right to free speech, I do have some concern, and wonder at what point the right to speak freely takes precedence over my right to not be subjected to vulgarity at a tax-supported location, which is not known for such vulgar activity.

It is my understanding that the sign in question used filthy connotations to express the author's opinion. Today I spoke with a representative of the Burlington Convention and Tourism Bureau who clearly indicated that Friday Fest is considered a function suitable for attendance by the entire family. Additionally I'm told that children were in fact in attendance.

Not long ago a mother noted in a letter to the editor that she had been caught in traffic behind a vehicle with vulgar bumper stickers on it. She expressed concern that her young children might see the stickers and ask about them. I see these two incidents as similar.

Why should this innocent person be put in a situation that she did not appreciate? Why should she have to alter her normal, non-controversial behavior because of another person's decadent behavior? Remember now, she was in a public place not normally known for filth.

Tim Scott was approached by at least one other person who expressed concern. Did Mr. Scott trample on a constitutional right or did he act to protect the right of innocent people to be free from vulgarness in a place and at a function that is normally user friendly?

Hopefully nobody thinks I'm any little angel because I'm not. Other than the mother writing about the bumper stickers, I haven't heard anyone else express this concern unless I mentioned it first. What do you folks think?





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