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AKA Burlington Councilman elect

●●●●November 30, 2005 ●●●●

Editor’s [Ronald] notes

It seems like no matter how many times I proofread, the rough or even the finished draft. Typos slip in; and are not found, till after being posted. Sitting there like: blinking red lights for the whole world to see. It certainly gives me a new perspective on writers and editors in general, with the exception of typesetters/webmasters who never mess up in the first place. (Well?) Most typos and other “things” are admittedly, my fault, but ultimately all “content/responsibility” is moi.

●●●●November 29, 2005 ●●●●

March 16, 2001
Letter to Editor:

The quicker A-L-L those involved in the Jones-Scott-Thornton Fiasco learns that I am serious as in very very serious, the better it will be.

Please do not construe this as a threat, or even a promise, but rather just as factual information.

I am not so vain as to think that this will replace the “Dred Scott Case” in the history books; but I am sure that more than a few will come to know this as “The Dread Thornton Case”

Very Seriously,
/S/ Ron Thornton
406 S. 14 th
Keithsburg, IL 61442-9652-01
-No phone-

Side note: hand delivered on March 16, 2001 (that's ref. in 11-23-05 post) …about 4 days later I told them to pull it, then in my letter to editor 5/9/02 I gave permission to run it, but it wasn’t run.

●●●●November 23, 2005 ●●●●

Having read that most news stories have a life of 2 or 3 days. I may be naive and not the brightest bulb on the tree, but I plan to give this story “Legs” and show how one lie from Matt Skogen/Edward Jones has split and multiplied several times/quite a few times—just like a cancer.

Coming later, The Edward Jones “Chronicles” the complete compilation with narrative.


Mandate/statute/law/code.. The State of Iowa and I use interchangeably.


I would like to offer my appreciation, and thanks for your time to read this saga.


●●●●November 22, 2005●●●●

Letter to Editor: (May 9, 2002) that was not published

I found a couple things interesting about the jury trial article—arising from a tobacco sting operation, by Stephen A. Martin (The Hawk Eye 3-29-02). Besides being the perfect setup and reporter I’ve been waiting for—for the great segue to my epic.

1. I wonder if the informant's integrity and memory; is on par with the Lt. Darren Grimshaw’s of the Burlington Police Department?

  • Prosecutors said “____ Made an honest mistake, but was refusing to own up to it in court” WHAT A NOVEL IDEA!

Boy did I have the wrong prosecutor at my trial Apr. 17-18, 01, and the same reporter. The mayor of Burlington lied his ass off (with excellent help (he thinks) from the special prosecutor David Skilling). He knows it, I know it, the witnesses know it and the good Lord knows it. But I guess the jury didn’t. Admittedly, I had lousy representation somewhat less than a two-bit lawyer (me).

I had let go the good one over my inept understanding of legal jargon.

I would of thought that my big question to Mr. Scott—Besides asking if he belly-butted me, on the witness stand, and under oath and he denied it. Which was Mr. Scott, since there seems to be a difference of opinion of what happened, how about you and I take a polygraph/ lie detector test <at my expense> pertaining to just this matter? [Should have been more newsworthy than comments on my wardrobe, and accent]

Big surprise! Guess what? Prosecutor objected and it was sustained and thereby saved the lying - - - from having to answer. Mr. Scott the offer still stands. Special Prosecutor objected, and it was sustained; to my request to the Judge to read perjury statute, and the penalty for it—to Timothy Edward Scott, and Jolane M. Creelman, I’m not sure about Wendy D. Hogan. My reasoning being maybe it would help their poor memory, and outright lying.

Mr. Skilling knows the perjury statute well, as he had recently prosecuted a defendant for saying, some guy he didn’t know, had brought him to court when in fact it was some gal he knew.

Boys and Girls: [In Iowa] Perjury is a class D “Felony”—shall be confined for no more than five years, and in addition shall be sentenced to a fine of at least Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars but not more than Seven Thousand Five -Hundred Dollars.

Mr. Skilling objected, and it was sustained –to keep me form entering a plea proposal offer from him, as an exhibit. (I could have saved thousands of dollars by accepting plea—likewise for the taxpayers).

“Same thing” when I tried to enter as an exhibit: itemized statement from my former attorney showing “some” of times and places I tried to file charges against the Mayor of Burlington: Tim Scott. And a couple of objection’s and sustained for badgering the witnesses—I was and “still” am trying to find out the identity of the other two females.

Mr. Skilling also ignored my written request for discovery; as did the Burlington Police Department, and the Des Moines County Attorney; with requests/subpoenas for identity of female witnesses/discovery. Which has to the present time precluded me from getting name’s of attractive brunette 20 something 5’6” m/l 120# m/l female witness. And late fortyish m/l grayish light brown short tight perm hair, 5’8” m/l 125# m/l what I would call lanky; (if it was a guy) with 8 year old m/l boy—who is/was the real complainant, and the one who got this fiasco going (the woman, not the boy). These two are not mentioned in any of the Burlington Police Reports or Des Moines County Sheriff’s office statements, that I have—makes me think their version; is not beneficial to the mayor, and “his”. Police Department. (You ask why I say his) You do remember “The Mayor” picking the new police chief—contrary to state mandate—don’t you? And the pork-chop/no gravy sandwich incident. And he left this message on the customer’s answering machine.

“I tell you what, I’d be more than happy to meet up with ya, and if necessary I’ll bring the 54 guys that I work with downtown. I also happen to be a reserve police officer, as well as the mayor of this community.” (The Hawk Eye Aug. 3,2000) The 54 guys is a reference to total number of paid police, and the department’s reserve unit.

Mr. Scott on the witness stand testifying: His reason for contacting Jim Knapp [at the Friday Fest] was “because he is known too be quite the practical joker, and thought it might have been his truck, or he had placed the signs on it.” [pertinent comment later in letter]

So now the signs have gone from being a “joke” to offensive”/”derogatory” to “filthy connotations” [which reminds me of the lovely letter to the editor, by Gary S. Roberts (Aug, 6,2000)]

So how do we reconcile this? A filthy derogatory joke—believe me its about 8 thousand bucks short from being a joke to me.

Back to Mr. Roberts letter, I believe written on behalf of the real complainant—and he was so offended by my signs that he didn’t see, “If you trade with Edward Jones bring witnesses or Vaseline I didn’t [and lost 1,950.00]

Some of his words: “Vulgarity, vulgar activity, filthy connotations, decadent behavior, filth and vulgarness” about everything but vile maybe it’s time for a new thesaurus. I’m pretty sure if he ever gets screwed 14 ways to one he will appreciate a little dab of Vaseline! Gary, think metaphoric/figurative not literal—I believe the average bear knows that boo-boo.

So I take a little literary liberty, and throw in a bit of juxtaposition, and mixed my metaphors;—and you get all bent out of shape. Mr. Roberts: Don’t you think just a tad bit overreach on your part? Right or wrong I consciously chose Vaseline over get screwed, because I thought it was a little more subtle, and yet have made my point. Now if I wanted, to be vulgar: The choice is rather obvious—but that is not my style—Thank you very much!

Even though my “Webster’s” has screw (2) 4a: “To practice extortion upon”

Vaseline: trademark used for petrolatum

Petrolatum: a neutral unctuous odorless tasteless substance obtained from petroleum and used esp. in ointments and dressings.

All the great adjectives you used seem to be missing— Gary.

To the critics who think this is sour grapes on my part—believe me it’s much more than a few sour grapes: it’s the whole damn vineyard. If anybody is offended by my language here, or on my signs; should of heard “The Mayor of Burlington” at the Port of Burlington in the presence of females, and the afore mentioned young boy. I will bet you a cookie that the boy did not comprehend any part said signs; but sure understood what “The Mayor of Burlington” said. [Back to the female with the boy, she did stop and took one step backwards in order to read the sign, before trotting off to fetch the Mayor and Jolane Creelman]

Yes I know two wrongs don’t make a right “it is not my intent to offend anyone, but the offenders.”

Reference: Pertinent comment Jim Knapp’s office “is not” where my beef is—I have never traded there. It is Matt Skogen’s office at 317 N. Main St, Burlington; and with Richard L. Fruland of the Compliance Department of Edward Jones 12555 Manchester Road St. Louis, MO 63131-3729.

If there is a great outpouring of requests (2 or 3) through this forum, for the details of that saga; and The Hawk Eye will print it. Then I would be ever so pleased too. Provide the who, what, when, where, and how much plus transcript of correspondence/conversations, “paper trail”. Maybe by then I will have hired an editor, so my writing structure/flow is not so discombobulated/convoluted.

Mr. Martin, mentor is spelled M-E-N-T-O-R not M-A-N-A-G-E-R. (4-18-01) My reference resources: Business Briefcase page 8D in Business section of “The Hawk Eye May 14, 2000. And at a May or June 2000 Friday Fest, on a white golf type shirt with green lettering above where left breast pocket would be. I’m not being to critical, because I am probably in the bottom 2% of the world’s worst spellers and I always said I might have amounted to something if I could spel sic( intentional other misspellings not) and Mr. Martin did knock 10 years off of my age (if only it was so).

But I am blessed with a very good, and long memory—J.T. even credited me with having a photographic mind.
Folks this is just a synopsis of the facts—I could write an essay on the Burlington Police Department—and another on the Des Moines County Attorney’s office. But only after the Edward Jones letter is finished.

I was sitting in, on another trial, and the prosecutor told the jury, defendant “has had all this time to concoct that story” (6 months). Well I think I have a pretty good “paper trail”. [A paper trail/truth: can hang you or support you; and therein lies the beauty of it.] In spite of officiadom ignoring my requests/subpoenas.

Possible Titles/Headlines and etcetera originally wanted “Justice at it’s finest”(mine) but after calling the Iowa Attorney General’s office (4-11-02) about filing charges against Tim Scott, and getting nowhere fast with Dianne—I asked to talk to her supervisor-“Pam” tell her why I’m calling, and the places I have tried to file charges: city, county, state, and federal—same speed—but she did contribute this little jewel “That’s the way the system works” (ain’t that the truth.) How fast you ask?

When I called the civil right’s division of that office 4-25-02 I was on hold longer than total time talking to Dianne, and Pam. You still don’t know how fast? “If” NASCAR hears about it; they will be calling me.

Then I see these nuggets in “The Hawk Eye” editorial’s (4-25-02) “In search for Justice” “but it is always appropriate to seek the truth.” Or this one from front page of 4-30-02 “The Hawk Eye.” “The Book” is still open, and I will continue “fighting the issue” (Nah, I don’t like that)[By Mayor Scott]

“Truth is a mighty powerful thing” and it’s one of the better defenses against Libel and Slander.

Re: The last line from Steve Leek’s letter to editor Aug. 7, 2000 “Repent, Tim or The Hawk Eye will getcha!

Fact is, less than two months before the now near infamous bout on the riverfront, featuring “the belly-butting Mayor of Burlington” versus Ron “The Pitbull” Thornton of Keithsburg, IL. [Exclamation about “The Pitbull” I am not implying mean, and tough; but rather the tenacity or should it be the audacity to hold on, and not let go.] The May 21, 2000 “Hawk Eye” did a feature spread on “The Mayor of Burlington” consisting of 216 column inches or 500.75 sq. ins. Including 3/5 of the front page columns. [I would think close to or a record for one individual.] That any dedicated public relations man worth his salt would give his right arm for. Gender bias intentional most women would have better sense. My 46 sq ins. paid ad of July 20, 2000 cost $266.00, and by extrapolation, Scott’s feature story would cost $2,894.33: Not that you can buy the front page for any amount.

As far as I know nobody was out to “Getcha.” Mr. Scott you gotcha yourself, with a little help from the: two employees, Creelman/Hogan of the Chamber of Commerce, B.P.D. D.M.C. Attorney’s office, and special prosecutor David Skilling.

“The Hawk Eye” has my permission to run my letter to editor (3-16-01) believe it or not it is only three sentences long. I pulled it, because I didn’t want to inflame the potential jurors for my upcoming trial, and hindsight says I was right on. I remember one from the jury pool who thought the Mayor was just shy of fantastic: care to guess who received the first strike from the defendant.

A very belated thanks to all who have shown past support, and those that continue to do so. From time to time I still see references to the saga in letters to the editor. It is very gratifying that others, besides me have not forgotten the incident.

One of the Quad Cities better known Defense Attorney’s and now a judge advised me to forget it, and move on. As did Peg O’Rourke in a couple of her columns in “The Hawk Eye” as though she was speaking directly to me. My former attorney said if I didn’t forget it—it would eat me up—I certainly understand that—for nearly two years now. Probably very good advice from all three, to a normal person.

In closing—a bit of not so friendly advice: To the Mayor of Burlington, Burlington Police Department, Des Moines County Attorney’s office, and Special Prosecutor David Skilling: The next time “you think” you have a nobody from Timbuktu; that will just lay down and be silent while being railroaded, you may want to—stop, and give pause-----.

Ron “Pitbull” Thornton
/S/ Ron Thornton
406 S. 14 th
Keithsburg, IL 61442

Footnotes(sorta)11-22-05 Sorry no ref. marks in the text:

Ref: Woman with the boy who is/was the real complainant it “may/might be” the school teacher and boy I seen in ALDI’s culling eggs who’s identity, I know. But not positive it’s the same person.

I had originally hand delivered this letter to the editor on May 9, 02, and “they” said on May 17, 02 that they “were” going to run the letter, but was having trouble with the perjury thing [YES, SO AM I] I told them, then to edit it out. I guess they’re still editing it as of 11-23-05, I haven’t seen any thing in the paper. Also, told them not to take my word for this, and to talk to their reporter, Stephen Martin, and I gave them the names and addresses of the six jurors and told the paper to contact the jurors to confirm my side of the story. No malevolence there…the defense, or in my case “THE DEFENDANT” is given a list of the jury pool/jurors.

●●●●November 16, 2005●●●●

More Scott Questions

1. Did "I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON" have arrest powers?

2. Does a reserve police officer have arrest powers?

3. Does a reserve police officer on leave of absence have arrest powers?

4. If not; was "I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON" thereby impersonating a police officer?

5. Did Scott tell police that he told me: “YOU’RE UNDER ARREST”?

6. “If” he had arrest powers why wasn’t I charged with resisting arrest, along with the other trump-up charges? Fraudulently concocted: Spurious <~charges> (Webster’s).

7. Did "I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON" resigning as a reserve police officer July 21, 2000? Have anything to do with his involvement at Friday Fest Fight July 14, 2000? (Which all questions relate to)

Yeah I know what he told The Hawk Eye July 27, 2000. But I figure that it’s just another one of his lies and rationalize that he is so good at. (He thinks) To provide plausible but untrue reasons for conduct


I believe that we have the perfect new poster “ CHILD”

For The National School Bully Poster.

With reference to Scott being a bully

1. Started the fight by belly butting me, Me:WHY YOU SON OF A BITCH--- said: “in a gravely country drawl” (and I tried to shove him away from me)

2. "I'M THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON": “He called me a son of a bitch.” (Said in the voice of a whiney 5 year old…worthy of an Oscar Nomination for said portrayal of a whiney 5 year old.

3. The stupid dastard had the gall/nerve/audacity to tell me: “YOU’RE UNDER ARREST” half way through the fight that he started by belly butting me.

4. Then “LIED” about it to the police. Re: #1

5. The biggie, committing perjury on the witness stand a CLASS D FELONY

My understanding of a bully comes from a quick read of a couple psychology text books—but mainly, anecdotal

1. I don’t know if Tim Scott is a habitual/chronic/pathological liar and/or just an opportunistic liar---I am not qualified to make that clinical assessment. Truth be told; I ain’t got much educate in nuffin’ bout nuttin’ BUT I KNOW WHEN I’M GETTING A ROYAL SCREWING, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!*

2. There are 869 different forms of lying, but only one of them has been squarely forbidden. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
- Following the Equator; Pudd'nhead Wilson's New Calendar -Mark Twain

Comment: I’m not sure of writer’s intent with “neighbor” i.e. Next door? Fellowman?

3. The glory which is built upon a lie soon becomes a most unpleasant incumbrance. How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!
- Mark Twain in Eruption

4. The truth…you can slice it, dice it, chop it all you want, but the truth remains. -ron thornton

5. Old Dad can write all the letters to the editor he wants, defending little Timmy. But that doesn’t change the facts of his LYING, PERJURY, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and on and on.

6. As noted elsewhere…I have tried every other way I know except a lawsuit; letters to editor, county, state, and yes even the FBI

It would be easy to get to the bottom of this fiasco if “all principles” take a polygraph. Preferably by the FBI there’s plenty for them to be involved, violation of my civil rights, false statements, obstruction of justice, perjury and more. Or some other “ REPUTABLE” entity, but not an “ACME” bail bonds and polygraphs.

List of principles in said agreement:

  1. Ronald L. Thornton


Stay tuned, more to follow, Re: Friday Fest Fight


*Matt Skogen be patient your turn is coming.

●●●●November 8, 2005●●●●


The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. (Dr. Phil)


“Man never more truthful than when acknowledges himself as a liar.” (Mark Twain)


As of noon 11-8-05 I've not seen any answers to my previous questions from Tim Scott on BurlingtonDerailed website or in The Hawk Eye.


I digress from Tim Scott, believe it or not.
WARNING… reading this could cause drowsiness.

Do you owe an apology to someone who’s not even aware, that a transgression occurred? i.e. On the same day(11-7-05) The Hawk Eye had a editorial “Chilling our Speech.” I couldn’t pull up The Hawk Eye Chatterbox (most of the morning) –I can see them dropping me from the member list—but not access to at least to be able to read Chatterbox.
Clarification: 11-10-05 "Chilling our Speech" was run as an unsigned editorial online...but was in fact by Paul K. McMasters of the First Amendment Center , a regular (syndicated?) feature on the editorial/opinoin page. (All that for attempted/complete accuracy on my website)

A rather ominous looking…

WARNING:… Can't connect to MySQL....line 48
WARNING:… supplied argument is not valid … line 330
WARNING:… supplied argument is not valid CRITICAL ERROR … line 331

But in the afternoon “ALL” was well. On occasion I get an error 404 when trying to pull up O-bits or Letters to Editor.

After all that I will give credit for their Decision ‘05/Election 2005 online—I will certainly be watching with great interest tonight.

●●●●Nov. 3, 2005 ●●●●

If Mr. Scott had of IGNORED the signs on my truck, and had not yanked them off my truck and in doing so busted the tabs off of the windshield wiper blade, that holds the retaining clip; that I didn't discover till in a down pour a few days later (7-18-00 ?). Like he has ignored the questions I pose to him here on my website. He would not be in this present predicament.

Additional comment in ref. to, if Tim Scott wins or loses. It’s under the Perjury (PUR-juh-ree): statement.

If he loses at least I won’t have a daily dose of fresh ammo from The Hawk Eye that he provides for rebuttal. If wins I guess buy more coal oil for the lantern. I already have enough “stuff” to last a …I’m way behind, and I have other fish to fry.

●●● Segue ●●●


A. Run any past “STUFF” about Tim Scott?
Like you did with Garry Thomas and Mike Edwards stuff that didn’t amount to a hill of beans. IMO
B. Ask Tim Scott if he assaulted Ron Thornton?
C. Inquire about peculiarities of the city property, Scott rents?
D. Endorse Tim Scott? (Time is getting short)
E. None of the above?
F. The Hawk Eye kinda reminds me of the song title “The Sound of Silence” From the 60’s

●●●●Nov. 2, 2005●●●●

Ref: The Hawk Eye Oct. 30, 05

“Building spur ideas”

The taxpayers of Burlington and Des Moines County should be pleased that Tim Scott is concerned about getting the depot back on the tax rolls.

I don’t know if Mr. Scott is aware of the Iowa code that says: (paraphrased) if public property is used for private use/profit, it shall be taxed as if privately owned.

Which brings us to the former city property maintenance shop at the airport; that Mr. Scott rents.

1. Are you paying the equivalent property tax?
2. Are you paying fair market value (for the rent)?
3. Was it a sweetheart/inside deal?
4. Was it open to any interested party to rent?
5. Why am I asking these questions and not The Hawk Eye; too busy covering some tiddlywinks match?

There’s an unwritten rule, that a lawyer never asks a question in court that s/he doesn’t know the answer to. Since I’m not a lawyer nor portray one on T.V., I will ignore that rule at my peril.

A thought just came to me (stand back it could be dangerous) The Hawk Eye will never be mistaken for the “San Jose Mercury News,” nor will Pat Jackson ever be confused with Eliot Spitzer [here I sit with egg on my face, so much for an idol], or Patrick Fitzgerald. IMO


SCOTT, Timothy Edward
HOGAN, Wendy D.
et al.

How serious is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, PERJURY, MAKING FALSE STATEMENTS? You might ask I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby who was indicted Friday Oct. 28, 2005. “IF” convicted of all charges, could face up to 36 years in prison and a $1.25 MILLION in fines.


Also worth a read this article in The Hawk Eye, Oct. 29, 2005 and online:

Remember, oaths matter


The Virginian–Pilot

Perjury (PUR–juh–ree): The deliberate, willful giving of false, misleading or incomplete testimony under oath.


I am not going to tell you how to vote Tuesday, Nov. 8, 205 but rather what you might be voting for, and whether Mr. Scott wins or loses I’m going to continue to hammer him for reasons stated in a previous post. Yes I realize there maybe a backlash because this old guy is picking on Little Timmy Scott.


It’s obvious that Mr. Scott (said derisively) is not aware of this website or no one has mentioned it to him. Yeah, right! He hasn’t answered my previous 4 questions as of 4 p.m., 11-02-05 that I posted 10-27-05. As stated on 25 October.

“Tim Scott Clearly Addresses Readers Concerns”

“If there are other questions that your readers and contributors would like answered they are welcome to email… or call…If any would prefer that I respond through your site that is not a problem.”

Tim Scott
Burlington City Council Candidate




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