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●●●●Oct. 27, 2005●●●●

Open Questions to Tim Scott

Concerning the Tim Scott email? That was on 25 October

Re: last paragraph let's see how good his word is. When you were THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON 
1. Did you belly butt/assault Ron Thornton?
2. Did you commit perjury on the witness stand? (about it)
3. Will you take a polygraph in regards to 1 & 2? (I will)
Also, reference 1st & 2 nd paragraphs is that a different policy than when you were THE MAYOR OF BURLINGTON?
Full text of Tim Scott’s email can be found at

I realize that Mr. Scott wouldn’t be reading/visiting my website: so maybe some concerned citizen/voter could ask him. Then have him respond on Burlington Derailed as he said he would.


Misc. notes on Burlington Derailed

The Hawk Eye certainly felt no remorse in repeating some past “stuff” ad nauseam; dates to numerous to mention; in reference to the website, that I know in some circles it’s the in “thing” to knock the site for the negativity, but give credit where credit is due! Their coverage and pictures of the Discovery space flight and its return to Kennedy Space Center were nothing short of outstanding.

Seems to me that most of the knockin’ is coming from the establishment/status quo.

Another thing “IF” I thought I had a verbal agreement/contract with anyone, and got beat out of 17.5k; and I would be doing the same thing with the website. ----“HEY!” I guess I am…

Who or whom Spike is, is no skin off my teeth or any other body part.

One more comment after primary election, I tried to get election results on a half a dozen Burlington/County websites, Burlington Derailed was the only one that had the results posted at 2:10 a.m. October 12. ---- Burlington radio stations reception is marginal at best in the daytime, non existing at night.


Hopefuls want to boost image

Self–image joins infrastructure, job losses and voter apathy as problems, Burlington candidates say.


Burlington's biggest problems include a negative self–image, a deficient infrastructure, job losses and voter apathy, according to the six candidates seeking three open four–year City Council seats.

That resonates with former mayor Tim Scott, another candidate.
"Our biggest problem as a community as a whole is this negative attitude we have about ourselves," he said. "I don't know where it comes from, but I've said in the past we need to do more about celebrating our accomplishments and become less focused on our shortcomings. We have to know what those shortcomings are and we have to be willing to work to overcome those shortcomings, but we don't need to be so vocal and so upfront about it."
Scott said when the city focuses on the negative, "we're not really accomplishing the goals necessary to overcome that."
"Problems are opportunities," he said. "In the last 10 or 12 years, the council's done a pretty good job of addressing those problems and coming up with some pretty viable solutions."

It was the headline/subdeck lead story in The Hawk Eye 10-21-05 

IMO there seems to be a blur between personal and impersonal in the headline, subdeck, and in the text  

Knowing my utter contempt for Mr. Scott, which may cloud my objectivity a bit? That said; I see it as a window to his personal character and how he responded to our tussle at the Port. What I see is the EMPEROR is not wearing… 

I don’t want to be accused of taking quote out of context you can read the full article in The Hawk Eye 10-21-05, and form your own opinion. Or you can go to, Friday edition in the “Recent additions” links, HINT before article goes in archives.



Sidetrack: I’ve had somewhat less than stellar results in using the archives; e.g. I spent hours looking for “Illinois man jailed after scrape with Scott” (July 15, 2000) by title, date and names; but The Hawk Eye webmaster found it in a few minutes---so that tells me where the fault is.


To The Hawk Eye’s credit, several of the online newspapers I visit, all have a charge for using their archives or you must be a subscriber to their paper. 


Disingenuous comment

Regarding the Nov. 16 editorial “Out of Bounds – City Council Must reign in City Manager and Launch a State Election Investigation.”

Talk about disingenuous! While The Hawk Eye calls for state investigation, maybe it can extend it to include assault and perjury by the mayor of Burlington.

Let it be known that there is at least a majority of one who sees through your hypocrisy! If you think I’m going to forget the Port of Burlington incident, you’re badly mistaken; I would like to know what the mayor of Burlington has on The Hawk Eye, or is he just your “boy?”

In a related article, same date, Scott and King expressed extreme displeasure over the incident, saying it’s an activity unbecoming a city manager.

Furthermore, such an action, according to Iowa law, is illegal.

Yes, and so is assault and perjury!

The odds of you reading this letter to the editor intact in The Hawk Eye is about the same as the Cubs winning three World Series in a row.

P.S. I’m looking forward to Scott running for U.S. Congress or state office.

Ron Thornton

Keithsburg, Ill.

To The Hawk Eye’s credit “this” letter was published as submitted on November 22, 2003.

Side notes: (10-19-05) Majority of one probably should be “minority of one”

The Hawk Eye did in fact; endorse Tim Scott October 26, 2003

I also want to amend the P.S. to include, but not limited to even running for dog catcher of Toolsboro.

Tim Scott gave me the necessary “license” for this website when he lied to the police, and then seriously compounded it by committing perjury at my trial.


Then there’s this from November 1, 2003 The Hawk Eye:

Scott ponders next step

Should Mayor Tim Scott win his third consecutive City Council tern in Tuesday’s general election, his political sights will be focused on a different elective office four years from now.

Scott announced during a Thursday council candidate forum that he will seek a higher office after his next stint with the council is over.

He said Friday that he’s not elected to the council yet, so he’s not certain about how things will pan out.

Scott is also not yet certain what the next political step will be.

“I think there are other offices where I could be a contributor,” he said. “It could be on the county level, the state level or the federal level. I have to explore several offices before I make that decision.”

Before he can think about what he’ll be doing four years from now, however, Scott said he needs to get elected to another council term and focus on things in Burlington.

“I plan at this point on fulfilling a four-year obligation before I go on,” he said. “It will take every little bit of that to decide what to do beyond that point.”

Whatever he does in the future, Scott said he’ll always remain involved with Burlington.



The Hawk Eye seems to be leaning towards an endorsement in my opinion: “by inference”

1. With the following “PULL QUOTE” A graphic treatment of a quotation taken from a story to draw attention. (Definition from The Hawk Eye July 10, 2003)

“My whole purpose is I care about Burlington, I care about its citizens…and I just want to make Burlington the best possible place to live.”

Council candidate Tim Scott

Featured: Oct. 7, 2005

2. Scott, who was mayor before losing his bid for a third straight term in 2003, is perhaps the strongest candidate.
Scott wasn't afraid to publicly challenge the city's administration when he was in office and has been willing during his campaign to state his opinion on some of the unpopular decisions made by the current council. (From The Hawk Eye’s Sunday Online Oct. 9, 2005)

3. Plus there hasn’t been any mention of Scott’s past "STUFF", during this election; wonder if they will, before the general election.
Comment: The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior (Dr. Phil)

4. The Hawk Eye on October 26, 2003, endorsed Tim Scott.
Comment: I don’t know their reason for the apparent backing.

* gave their reasons for the endorsement of Tim Scott

But my reason is self serving, as some might consider it a poor reflection on my upbringin’ to beat a dead horse.


Date: 8/4/05

Letter to the Editor,

I found five recent articles of interest:
1. Article (6/30/05) about Garry Thomas running for city council. Also, winning a workers compensation claim, I don’t know what the relevancy is in that.---- Maybe one of your crack investigative reporters could look him in the eye and ask* THE EX-MAYOR OF BURLINGTON, Tim Scott

1) Did he belly butt/assault Ron Thornton.
2) Did he commit perjury on the witness stand (about it).
3) Would he be willing to take a polygraph test in regards to 1 & 2 (I WILL.)
(emphasis added, 10/21/05)

2. Gentry trial (7/13/05) I see where Assistant Attorney General Scott Brown is good at grilling a teenager and her mother. Debbie (who looks rather small in stature, not that I am condoning what she allegedly did). I wonder how he would do grilling the 6’3” 225 lb, THE EX-MAYOR, Tim Scott with my previous three questions. Two county attorneys won’t.

3. B.I.G. insert (7/27/05) B.I.G Oath: (In part) fair competition, respecting the regulations and for the honour (sic) of our county (sic) I wonder if any of it was written by BIG Team Iowa Chair, Tim Scott.

Comment: I’m referring to the fair competition, respecting the regulations; I’m not concerned with spelling/typos?

4. Burlington teen faces trial for criminal mischief (8/28/05) too bad she is not THE EX-MAYOR OF BURLINGTON-----she could plead down to disorderly conduct and a $50 fine.

5. Related article (8/2/05) it will cost taxpayers $3000 for Lucas’ transcript. ----How much did it cost taxpayers for Scott-Thornton fiasco???

“If” history is… then you are not reading this in The Hawkeye because 1) They don’t think it’s relevant 2) Or I’ve already had my dimes say/worth on the matter. 3) Or maybe as the late Mr. Mertens once wrote [sometimes] “just because.” (That pretty much says it all.)

*I have very good reasons that…asking THE EX-MAYOR is not going to happen by The Hawkeye. So I will leave it up to the undecided voters to do the asking. I say undecided, because I remember from my trial/jury pool one guy who thought Mr. Scott was just short of fantastic----so anything I say/do is not going to change his mind, or those who think likewise.

I resubmitted this (8-31-05), because I may have missed the confirmation calls from The Hawk Eye the first time.
Comment: Confirmation/verification does not mean it will be published.

Ron Thornton
406 S. 14th St
Keithsburg, IL 61442




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